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Video Evaluation and Reporting

Trained and experienced engineers analyze, inspect, scrutinize

Video Evaluation and Reporting

Video QC begins with NT engineers reviewing your exact delivery specifications and requirements.

Producers: Avoid rejects - QC before delivery

Distributors: QC before accepting elements

NT Audio has been providing QC services for major studios, independent filmmakers and distributors since 1997 and has established a solid reputation for providing complete and accurate QC evaluation. Now this same attention to detail and customer service is available for video elements.

  • Features
    • Masters
  • Television / Broadcast
    • Clones
    • Dubs

A complete 100% video QC session is the only way to ensure that the product you are delivering or receiving is technically correct.

NT engineers perform a complete and thorough head-to-tail pass for both technical and program Quality Control, detecting errors, ensuring deliverable masters for clients, distributors and broadcast networks.

NT is experienced in meeting strict requirements for foreign market distribution. We can also produce any deliverable element required.

In addition to evaluating typical video requirements NT can also check for:

  • Aspect ratio
  • Titles within safe area
  • Film origination issues: dirt, scratches, splices, chemical stains, streaks
  • Textless materials are correct
  • Audio: In sync/phase, correct levels and conforms to program's audio standards
    • NT's Audio QC department offers expanded audio QC evaluation.

A 100% complete video QC report is generated at the conclusion of the session. The video QC report includes a detailed list of problems with corresponding timecode locations.

Problems are rated on a severity scale: Hold or Fail

Video QC sessions resulting with a Hold or Fail status include notes on repairing problems causing rejections.

NT can offer assistance in fixing problems found during the QC process.

Video QC suites designed for optimum viewing and audio monitoring include:

  • Calibrated HD monitors
  • Digital waveform and vector scopes
  • Surround sound audio monitoring with provision for track isolation


  • Hi definition (23.98 psf, 1080p, 1080i, 720p)
  • Standard definition (NTSC, PAL)
    • Digi-Beta


  • Digital Cinema Packages
  • 2D
  • 3D